US PANROSA (PANROSA) is a large international professional supplier of personal care and household cleaning, which is invested and acquired by Reward Group and specializes in the research, development, production and sales of daily chemical products.

Based on the US international top daily chemical research capacity, PANROSA determined the product direction of organic and natural at the beginning of its establishment. PANROSA product R&D center gathered outstanding talents from big famous chemical enterprises, working with major scientific research institutions, has a number of international patents, with multiple biotechnology personal care and home cleaning product formula, developing a series of pure natural products. The main biological elements and major high-tech functional raw materials are produced in the United States, which has obtained the organic certification of US and complies the dual standards of US FDA and China FDA.


In April 2018, the 25,000 square meter large-scale modern manufacturing and development facility in Corona, Los Angeles received the production license issued by the municipal government. According to international pharmaceutical standards, the center choose to use advanced automatic intelligent production equipment such as Italy, the United States, Japan, and has 11 international leading families and personal care products production lines. From the bottle blowing, production, filling, packing, to palletizing, they all achieve automation, intelligent production, thus greatly improve efficiency and reduce manufacturing cost. They have passed through the tough and complex UL certification and officially put into production. The centers is built in accordance with the standard of "US Advanced Manufacturing/Industrial Internet", which is a veritable intelligent factory and digital chemical plant.

PANROSA has two major systems, more than 1,000 varieties.