Introduction of Enterprise


LE CHATELARD international company is a wheat planting, processing and sales of an integrated company in France. It is committed to introducing high quality wheat flour from French to China, providing safety, green, nutritious, healthy high-end grain, oil and raw-food materials for citizens. In this way, we can build an international green industrial chain "from French farmland to Chinese dining table" and become a leader of high-end imported grain, oil and food in France and an advocate of healthy life.


French farm


We have 8 large farms in the main wheat producing areas of France. You can experience extremely exquisite planting technology.

In France, farmers need to hold a certificate to work, strictly abide by the European Common Agricultural Policy, implement a strict crop rotation system and deep farming regulations, and strictly prohibit genetically modified crops.


French wheat


In France, we only grow winter wheat. The seeds are usually planted in August and September, and harvested in June and July of the following year. After a long winter dormancy, winter wheat has gained strong cold resistance during the growth process. When spring comes, the seedlings break the soil and turn green, turning the energy accumulated for the whole winter into endless growth momentum. The growth period of the past 10 months has made the taste of the flour milled by winter wheat more intense, which is why only winter wheat is grown in France.